What are metal prints?

An exciting new printing option is onto sheets of aluminum, referred to as dye infused metal prints or just metal prints for short.

This technique starts with a shiny sheet of aluminum, coats it with a white surface, then prints the photo directly onto the aluminum.

After printing, the prints/sheets of aluminum are heated and compressed causing the dye to commingle with the metal.

The resulting picture has the same resolution as a photo print onto paper but it is embedded into the aluminum.

Metal prints are luminous and durable since the image is in the aluminum.
Light is reflected from the dye and the metal behind making the colors seem to glow.

Though metal prints cost more than paper prints, they last more or less forever. In addition, though they can be framed like a paper print, they do not require it. They can be hung directly on the wall without further mounting or framing.

Overall, I have found the cost of a metallic print to be less than the cost of printing, mounting, matting and framing a traditional print.

Examples of Metal Prints